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The two editorial writing roles are:

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Men playing the foam at a foam party at Babylon in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok’s legendary gay foam party

Foam so deep you cannot see, happy music and cocks out all over the place is, let’s be honest, very fun! Babylon’s monthly foam party is almost as iconic as Babylon itself, known the world over for it’s luxury gay sauna and boutique accommodation. BANG JACK went along to the Chinese New Year Foam Party for a full slippery experience.

At the end of January, Chinese New Year, like every year, was a busy weekend in Bangkok. The city was full of Chinese gay men everywhere. But strangely, there were no big parties unless you went to one of G-Circuit promoter, Ken’s, birthday parties which everyone seemed to know about. It could be that a lot of talent was diverted to other parties in Asia where Chinese New Year is celebrated more. Whatever the reason, it meant that regular parties like the monthly foam party were very popular.

I think it goes without saying that the best part of a foam party is the foam! This party was the same, in the last hour  there was a fantastic buzz as people danced and played in the bubbles. A western guy said, “I cannot believe I am here in Bangkok having such a gay time – I feel so free and so happy.” Indeed, it did feel great in the later part of the night, but we wished that the party got going earlier.

Babylon made it a special night with Chinese New Year decorations and shows. However, the shows seemed to eat into the foam madness that we were all there for. We would have loved it if the foam started gushing sooner with just two or three short high-energy New Year shows throughout the night. Nonetheless, we recommend the foam party experience.

Find out when the next party is by checking the event section of Babylon’s website. This is certainly a classic way to start a night out in Bangkok, followed nicely by a visit to the gay bars and clubs in Silom.

Guy pissing on himself during day at Lumpini Park in Bangkok

The global pig who makes Bangkok his public piss playground

With no piss parties and no kinky bars, the gay kink scene in Bangkok is tiny. So, you wouldn’t think a public piss pig from Germany would have much luck in Bangkok. But Athleticpisspig, as he is known to his 10,000 followers on Xtube, comes to Bangkok every month and has organised countless wet public meetups here over the past three years.

His most recent late afternoon meetup in Lumpini Park, sounded awesome and out there. This is what he told us about what happened…

“We went to an arena in the park and three guys pissed over me on the stage which was screened from obvious view by bushes. Nearby, two couples were playing badminton totally unaware. A guy came on my chest before a security guard on a bicycle seemed to be approaching. We stopped and casually moved to a seating area behind the clock tower. I lay on the ground and this time five guys pissed on my face and in my mouth with two showering me in cum. I was drenched in piss and cum and left the park just like that.”

Some people love piss play, and even more guys love outdoor sex. But combining both is next level.

“I love combining piss and public together. Piss is dirty, filthy and kinky – it makes me feel cheap. But only doing it in the bathroom at home became boring. Doing it outdoors is always different and always exciting. It serves my exhibitionist fetish and makes piss even dirtier,” explains Athleticpisspig.

Explaining how not to get caught being kinky in public, Athleticpisspig says the key is to act like everyone else. If you sneak around, someone will notice and try to see what you’re doing. So you got to relax, chat, talk and laugh together like other groups using the area, and then discretely weave the kinky wetness into it.

Check out Athleticpisspig on Xtube where you can follow him and check out all his videos. But if you’re not only surprised this happens here, and are also really into it then why not join in? Drop us a message with your LINE ID using the Bang Jack contact form, we’ll pass it on to the public kink master himself!

Bangkok’s so trendy monthly pool party is SO gay

One upmarket hotel, 4 minutes by tuk tuk from Silom’s gay nightlife, plays host to Bangkok’s best known pool party – Sofitel SO. The SO Pool Party is the perfect place to start a big night… or continue your big weekend which started on Friday, as the case may be.

On the last Saturday of each month, Sofitel’s pool, bar and lawn area plays host to a DJ and a couple of hundred sexy people. The area itself looks over Lumpini Park, Bangkok’s Central Park, once notorious for after dark men sexing and lady boys working, offering a green view framed by the city skyline. In the other direction to Silom, the world famous, Babylon, is just a 10 minute walk away, which may be one reason a high proportion of the guests who stay here are gay.

As the video suggests, SO Pool Party draws a mixed crowd with a lot of internationals, yet that doesn’t stop the drunk twinky couple from pashing each others faces off on the lawn… aside from the boy and bear annual Songkran Pool Parties in April which are just gay, this is still probably the gayest pool side event in town.

Find details for the event on the So Sofitel Bangkok Facebook Page.

Arrive no later than 5 pm and party till the end at 9 pm. Locker and towel provided. Then, taxi to R3 for their Saturday night O-Party before going on to Silom.

Have a wicked night!

The JO addicts way to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya

There are many ways to travel the 150 km from Bangkok to the infamous beach resort of Pattaya. But this method, told to us by JOaddict, a friend of Bang Jack who’s a self confessed addicted masturbator, is definitely our favourite.

One way to get there would be to hire a taxi or private vehicle, and you might even find a gay driver on Grindr. Another way would be to risk your life in a death trap, also called a van, departing from Victory Monument. Many hotels will even find a van to pick you up from your hotel. We simply aren’t not sure if these are safer, could be. Or you can do what JOaddct does – jerk off his meat all the way to Pattaya in the back of an air conditioned bus.

Who hasn’t masturbated in a public place before? We have all done it in the forest, underwater, in a toilet cubicle at work or in a nightclub to name just a few. Why not this?

JOaddict opts to leaves from the Ekkamai Bus Terminal, because it is on the Pattaya side of the city. He tries to travel on weekday evenings when the bus is usually less full which offers the chance of privacy. When he buys his first class ticket inside the terminal, he makes the unusual request for a back row seat. The tickets are given out from the front to the back in most cases. So if the bus is half full, there will be several empty rows between him and the nearest passenger. That means so much space to unzip! But people like to move, and not all buses are the same design…

Despite what it seems, JOaddict is shy and prefers not to actually get caught masturbating. That is precisely what cannot happen as it could cause problems. In general, JOaddict probably only decides it is safe enough to jerk off on half of his trips. Sometimes the bus is too full. Other times, the bus has a toilet at the back which means people constantly pass by. So part of the excitement is whether you are lucky enough to have the privacy you need to do your favourite deed.

If luck is on his side, JOaddict waits until the bus on the elevated Express Way before removing his pants and getting down to business. He reckons there is a good 1 hour of stroke time, with heaps of time to put it away and read a book for awhile. So if you like to get your willy out in public and are planning a trip to Pattaya, be sure to try for a back seat on a half empty bus!  We only have one request, send us a pic and/or video to share with other Bang Jackers, otherwise it didn’t happen!

Now it’s your turn! In the COMMENTS SECTION, tell readers your most memorable or preferred public place to masturbate in Thailand. Remember the challenge is not to offend another person by letting them see you, this is the number one rule.

Reference: For more information about transport to Pattaya, visit

Entrance to the former Tongpoon Hotel Bangkok where Swing nightclub is now located on the first floor

Swing nightclub has moved but not far

Last month we recommended a couple of places to visit when G.O.D. closes if you want to continue playing up in Bangkok after hours. Swing nightclub is still best to continue dancing, but it has moved. The new Swing is just as underground as the original; it remains true to Bangkok and we love it.

The brilliant thing about the new location is that it’s in what was, until recently, a rundown 160 room hotel. So whereas before, Swing was accessed through an unassuming little restaurant; now it is accessed through the 1980s lobby of a decrepit hotel .

The drive-in entrance (pictured) steps into a foyer with a large hotel front desk and stone tiled walls still hung with traditional Thai artwork. Although it’s still possible to get a room here and there seem to renovations going on, Tongpoon Hotel’s heyday has well and truly passed. Uniformed bellboys are replaced by security, and tuk-tuk and taxi drivers ferry punters from bars and clubs which have closed for the night.

Swing’s new address

The old Tongpoon Hotel (entrance pictured)
130 Soi 8 Rama 6 Road, Rong Mueang, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Open in Google Maps

Some taxi drivers are not yet familiar with the new location, but if you tell them Tongpoon Hotel in Pathumwan, they should know it. A metered taxi will not cost more than 70 baht from G.O.D. But taxi drivers hawking outside G.O.D. will ask for 200 baht, and we have heard stories of these taxis also driving into Police check points, so take care. It’s a very sane idea to walk down to Rama IV Road and grab one from there.

Swing is on the first floor and you’ll be guided in the right direction. The venue is much bigger and, like before, there is a huge smoking room with bar and pool tables and a separate club with dance music and another bar. The crowd is the same, a mix of gay and straight clubbers of all ages – local and foreign. Our only wish was that they turned up the volume a little and didn’t always play the same tracks.

Swing is open most nights and there is usually a good crowd by 4am. Sometimes it’s cold in there we noticed, so if you have something to put on bring it. Be nice to the bathroom staff and security, a courtesy tip will go a long way and they WILL look after you if you ever needed looking after. Once you’re here, you can pretty much rock on and we can almost guarantee that you will leave before that place closes!

The Tongpoon Hotel website takes reservations. Despite the state of the place, it is possible to stay here. The rooms are basic but in the process of being upgraded to basic but bright. Tongpoon’s website is deliciously old school and is just one added touch which makes Swing continue to deliver a stunningly Bangkok experience!

[EDIT 2/3/17: Edited article to reflect that you can in fact still book accommodation at the Tongpoon Hotel, much to our surprise. Great, for a night out which you plan to finish at Swing!]


Outdoor soft penis POV showing guys feet. Sea and resort in background.

Limp party dicks are rock hard with these three Bangkok tricks

It’s one of those inconvenient truths that when your head is sky high in party mode, your dick won’t be joining the party. We all know it, so there is no shame in not being able to get an erection, for any reason at all – it happens. But one of the absolute charms of Bangkok is you’ll find more than one easy solution to this age-old men’s problem: Here’s three…

1. Sidegra

The patent on Viagra expired in 2012 and so Thailand promptly and legally started producing Sidegra, a generic equivalent. Like Viagra, it is a prescription drug. However, many traditional pharmacies will quietly sell a tab of four pills over the counter for around 300 baht. Not all will do this, so be prepared to be rejected and then go to the next place. The more obscure the location and the more ‘traditional’ looking the store, the more likely they are to sell you Sidegra. Do not bother entering anything that looks like a chain pharmacy, particularly overseas chains like Boot’s or Watson’s.

2. Fake Kamagra, Cialis and Viagra

There are also fake options. From Tuesday – Sunday between 6pm – 12am, there are stall vendors on the footpath in the “night market” areas of Silom and Nana. Some of these vendors deal in various sexual aides including Kamagra gel, Cialis and Viagra. A box of 50 Kamagra edible gel sachets is about 2500 baht from one of these guys. Although probably fake, they do the job. You may have concerns about consuming fake medications, in which case go with Sidegra.

3. The real McCoy

There are a few select pharmacies that will even sell you real imported “brand” erectile dysfunction medications (like Kamagra, Cialis and Viagra) without a prescription. These are a lot more expensive. If you want them, you can find them.

So, party safe but, by all means, party hard!

Reference: Good article about Sidegra on Farang Bang