Foam so deep you cannot see, happy music and cocks out all over the place is, let’s be honest, very fun! Babylon’s monthly foam party is almost as iconic as Babylon itself, known the world over for it’s luxury gay sauna and boutique accommodation. BANG JACK went along to the Chinese New Year Foam Party for a full slippery experience.

At the end of January, Chinese New Year, like every year, was a busy weekend in Bangkok. The city was full of Chinese gay men everywhere. But strangely, there were no big parties unless you went to one of G-Circuit promoter, Ken’s, birthday parties which everyone seemed to know about. It could be that a lot of talent was diverted to other parties in Asia where Chinese New Year is celebrated more. Whatever the reason, it meant that regular parties like the monthly foam party were very popular.

I think it goes without saying that the best part of a foam party is the foam! This party was the same, in the last hour  there was a fantastic buzz as people danced and played in the bubbles. A western guy said, “I cannot believe I am here in Bangkok having such a gay time – I feel so free and so happy.” Indeed, it did feel great in the later part of the night, but we wished that the party got going earlier.

Babylon made it a special night with Chinese New Year decorations and shows. However, the shows seemed to eat into the foam madness that we were all there for. We would have loved it if the foam started gushing sooner with just two or three short high-energy New Year shows throughout the night. Nonetheless, we recommend the foam party experience.

Find out when the next party is by checking the event section of Babylon’s website. This is certainly a classic way to start a night out in Bangkok, followed nicely by a visit to the gay bars and clubs in Silom.

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