With no piss parties and no kinky bars, the gay kink scene in Bangkok is tiny. So, you wouldn’t think a public piss pig from Germany would have much luck in Bangkok. But Athleticpisspig, as he is known to his 10,000 followers on Xtube, comes to Bangkok every month and has organised countless wet public meetups here over the past three years.

His most recent late afternoon meetup in Lumpini Park, sounded awesome and out there. This is what he told us about what happened…

“We went to an arena in the park and three guys pissed over me on the stage which was screened from obvious view by bushes. Nearby, two couples were playing badminton totally unaware. A guy came on my chest before a security guard on a bicycle seemed to be approaching. We stopped and casually moved to a seating area behind the clock tower. I lay on the ground and this time five guys pissed on my face and in my mouth with two showering me in cum. I was drenched in piss and cum and left the park just like that.”

Some people love piss play, and even more guys love outdoor sex. But combining both is next level.

“I love combining piss and public together. Piss is dirty, filthy and kinky – it makes me feel cheap. But only doing it in the bathroom at home became boring. Doing it outdoors is always different and always exciting. It serves my exhibitionist fetish and makes piss even dirtier,” explains Athleticpisspig.

Explaining how not to get caught being kinky in public, Athleticpisspig says the key is to act like everyone else. If you sneak around, someone will notice and try to see what you’re doing. So you got to relax, chat, talk and laugh together like other groups using the area, and then discretely weave the kinky wetness into it.

Check out Athleticpisspig on Xtube where you can follow him and check out all his videos. But if you’re not only surprised this happens here, and are also really into it then why not join in? Drop us a message with your LINE ID using the Bang Jack contact form, we’ll pass it on to the public kink master himself!

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