There are many ways to travel the 150 km from Bangkok to the infamous beach resort of Pattaya. But this method, told to us by JOaddict, a friend of Bang Jack who’s a self confessed addicted masturbator, is definitely our favourite.

One way to get there would be to hire a taxi or private vehicle, and you might even find a gay driver on Grindr. Another way would be to risk your life in a death trap, also called a van, departing from Victory Monument. Many hotels will even find a van to pick you up from your hotel. We simply aren’t not sure if these are safer, could be. Or you can do what JOaddct does – jerk off his meat all the way to Pattaya in the back of an air conditioned bus.

Who hasn’t masturbated in a public place before? We have all done it in the forest, underwater, in a toilet cubicle at work or in a nightclub to name just a few. Why not this?

JOaddict opts to leaves from the Ekkamai Bus Terminal, because it is on the Pattaya side of the city. He tries to travel on weekday evenings when the bus is usually less full which offers the chance of privacy. When he buys his first class ticket inside the terminal, he makes the unusual request for a back row seat. The tickets are given out from the front to the back in most cases. So if the bus is half full, there will be several empty rows between him and the nearest passenger. That means so much space to unzip! But people like to move, and not all buses are the same design…

Despite what it seems, JOaddict is shy and prefers not to actually get caught masturbating. That is precisely what cannot happen as it could cause problems. In general, JOaddict probably only decides it is safe enough to jerk off on half of his trips. Sometimes the bus is too full. Other times, the bus has a toilet at the back which means people constantly pass by. So part of the excitement is whether you are lucky enough to have the privacy you need to do your favourite deed.

If luck is on his side, JOaddict waits until the bus on the elevated Express Way before removing his pants and getting down to business. He reckons there is a good 1 hour of stroke time, with heaps of time to put it away and read a book for awhile. So if you like to get your willy out in public and are planning a trip to Pattaya, be sure to try for a back seat on a half empty bus!  We only have one request, send us a pic and/or video to share with other Bang Jackers, otherwise it didn’t happen!

Now it’s your turn! In the COMMENTS SECTION, tell readers your most memorable or preferred public place to masturbate in Thailand. Remember the challenge is not to offend another person by letting them see you, this is the number one rule.

Reference: For more information about transport to Pattaya, visit

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