Last month we recommended a couple of places to visit when G.O.D. closes if you want to continue playing up in Bangkok after hours. Swing nightclub is still best to continue dancing, but it has moved. The new Swing is just as underground as the original; it remains true to Bangkok and we love it.

The brilliant thing about the new location is that it’s in what was, until recently, a rundown 160 room hotel. So whereas before, Swing was accessed through an unassuming little restaurant; now it is accessed through the 1980s lobby of a decrepit hotel .

The drive-in entrance (pictured) steps into a foyer with a large hotel front desk and stone tiled walls still hung with traditional Thai artwork. Although it’s still possible to get a room here and there seem to renovations going on, Tongpoon Hotel’s heyday has well and truly passed. Uniformed bellboys are replaced by security, and tuk-tuk and taxi drivers ferry punters from bars and clubs which have closed for the night.

Swing’s new address

The old Tongpoon Hotel (entrance pictured)
130 Soi 8 Rama 6 Road, Rong Mueang, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Open in Google Maps

Some taxi drivers are not yet familiar with the new location, but if you tell them Tongpoon Hotel in Pathumwan, they should know it. A metered taxi will not cost more than 70 baht from G.O.D. But taxi drivers hawking outside G.O.D. will ask for 200 baht, and we have heard stories of these taxis also driving into Police check points, so take care. It’s a very sane idea to walk down to Rama IV Road and grab one from there.

Swing is on the first floor and you’ll be guided in the right direction. The venue is much bigger and, like before, there is a huge smoking room with bar and pool tables and a separate club with dance music and another bar. The crowd is the same, a mix of gay and straight clubbers of all ages – local and foreign. Our only wish was that they turned up the volume a little and didn’t always play the same tracks.

Swing is open most nights and there is usually a good crowd by 4am. Sometimes it’s cold in there we noticed, so if you have something to put on bring it. Be nice to the bathroom staff and security, a courtesy tip will go a long way and they WILL look after you if you ever needed looking after. Once you’re here, you can pretty much rock on and we can almost guarantee that you will leave before that place closes!

The Tongpoon Hotel website takes reservations. Despite the state of the place, it is possible to stay here. The rooms are basic but in the process of being upgraded to basic but bright. Tongpoon’s website is deliciously old school and is just one added touch which makes Swing continue to deliver a stunningly Bangkok experience!

[EDIT 2/3/17: Edited article to reflect that you can in fact still book accommodation at the Tongpoon Hotel, much to our surprise. Great, for a night out which you plan to finish at Swing!]


5 thoughts on “Swing nightclub has moved but not far

  1. I’ve been to the new Swing at tongpoon hotel many mornings, and I’m usually the last man leaving as I like those hours to party in.

    Last month spicy was closed. They say that it’s closed for good. Do you have any update?

    I’ve been searching all over bangkokk for similar places like swing but everybody tells me that everything beside swing is closed. Could that really be true for a big city like Bangkok? Anyways if you know of any other places please do share. Or if they change location. Or any changes regarding partying in the wee hours I’m bkk.

    Thanks for sharing this underground post


    • Hi Marhin, thanks for your comment. I would be keen to hear any knowledge you come across in this regard. It is likely that Spicy is closed permanently, since that was the same owner as the old Swing. There may not be much liberalisation of the closing laws until Government returns to normal democratic processes after the next election.


  2. There was a raid in Swing in July as you can also read when you google for it. However, maybe it has been relocated again to a new place. Anyone knows anything? I liked to party in Swing until midday


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