It’s one of those inconvenient truths that when your head is sky high in party mode, your dick won’t be joining the party. We all know it, so there is no shame in not being able to get an erection, for any reason at all – it happens. But one of the absolute charms of Bangkok is you’ll find more than one easy solution to this age-old men’s problem: Here’s three…

1. Sidegra

The patent on Viagra expired in 2012 and so Thailand promptly and legally started producing Sidegra, a generic equivalent. Like Viagra, it is a prescription drug. However, many traditional pharmacies will quietly sell a tab of four pills over the counter for around 300 baht. Not all will do this, so be prepared to be rejected and then go to the next place. The more obscure the location and the more ‘traditional’ looking the store, the more likely they are to sell you Sidegra. Do not bother entering anything that looks like a chain pharmacy, particularly overseas chains like Boot’s or Watson’s.

2. Fake Kamagra, Cialis and Viagra

There are also fake options. From Tuesday – Sunday between 6pm – 12am, there are stall vendors on the footpath in the “night market” areas of Silom and Nana. Some of these vendors deal in various sexual aides including Kamagra gel, Cialis and Viagra. A box of 50 Kamagra edible gel sachets is about 2500 baht from one of these guys. Although probably fake, they do the job. You may have concerns about consuming fake medications, in which case go with Sidegra.

3. The real McCoy

There are a few select pharmacies that will even sell you real imported “brand” erectile dysfunction medications (like Kamagra, Cialis and Viagra) without a prescription. These are a lot more expensive. If you want them, you can find them.

So, party safe but, by all means, party hard!

Reference: Good article about Sidegra on Farang Bang 

2 thoughts on “Limp party dicks are rock hard with these three Bangkok tricks

  1. Just bought it from Charoon farmacy in Bangkok, you can find it on Sukhumvit Road between soi 4 and Soi 2. They charge 200 bath for the 100mg/4Tablets


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