It’s a stroke of evolutionary genius that allows a man to do another man the thing that’s wired into our brain – fuck. Like our dick which cums and pisses, our ass shits and fucks. Few people want both at the same time and this is the hugely inconvenient thing about anal sex… but not in Thailand! There is something unique about Thai bathrooms, and bathrooms all over many parts of Asia, that makes this much less of a concern than in your home country.

If you’re from a huge number of regions like a lot of Europe, North America, Australia/NZ, Africa, or South America you will be familiar with toilet paper. Toilet paper is the most rancid choice a society can make for cleaning ass. It removes a bit but leaves a lot, and afterwards there is no way in hell you can fuck without taking a shower. And then you still need to douche too, and that is annoying to say the least.

Patrick (played by Johnathan Groff) bent over on bathroom floor douching in preparation for bottoming

This is ridiculous. You never need to do this ever again. (Photo credit: HBO’s Looking).

In Thailand, hotels and homes have a device beside the toilet for washing your hole. There isn’t even a name for these things in English. They’re sometimes called a faucet or hose, but the easiest to instantly understand is bum gun. It’s a water gun that hangs on the wall beside the toilet. You point that thing at your ass, squeeze the trigger just right for the pressure you want, and your hole gets hosed down real good.

But what about the inside I hear you ask, you still need to douche, right? A bum gun takes care of that too. While sitting on the toilet, press the nozzle against your hole, relax, fill’em up very gently, squirt into toilet bowl, and repeat. Simple as that. When finished, give the nozzle a rinse for the next person.

Any hotel, sauna, club or bar has one of these in every cubicle. So there is seldom any reason not to be good to go. The only place in Bangkok that definitely doesn’t have them are modern shopping malls. The exception though is Terminal 21 which has electronic bidet toilet seats – worth trying for fun, but you cannot douche with these!

There are some common sense precautions, keep it low pressure as you’re delicate in there, and don’t overfill. But apart from that, in Thailand, you can kiss goodbye to water bottles and douches messing up your shower. And if you’re caught short, you can normally sort yourself out without needing to go home.

Let us know any extra tips, suggestions, thoughts or feedback in the comments section. Enjoy your sex!



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