There is one special and very open minded accommodation option with a nudey rooftop close to Patong beach in Phuket. It’s called Aquarius Guesthouse. Now, you don’t stay at Aquarius for a luxury hotel stay, but you do visit Aquarius to have a fantastic time with some social and open-minded gay travel buddies, especially if you’re an exhibitionist.

Pretty much anything goes at Aquarius. On the roof there is a naked sundeck and boy is it wide open to the sun… as well as half the rooms including the glass elevators of the Paradise Hotel… but it’s far enough away that no one will recognise you. So, fuck it, pull down your pants and have a public nudey day of drinking on the sundeck with your buddies, or go alone and meet whoever is around. Only in Patong, and only at Aquarius would you ever dream of doing this in Thailand.

Like other famous gay establishments in Thailand, Aquarius has a gay sauna, large gym, steam room and jacuzzi. These facilities are very dark and quite seedy. So while drinking on the sundeck and socialising, you can nip away into one of these dark areas where no one will complain to the front desk that they saw you walking around with an erection, in fact you’re encouraged to do that.

If you’re thinking it sounds like Babylon in Bangkok, you would be right in so far as the concept is much the same but that’s where the similarity ends. Babylon is the Ritz compared to Aquarius. Also, you may get the feeling that many of the guests and locals are here on retirement visas. That aside, they are great to drink beer with and there are other young travellers who stay here too because you’re close to the gay night life. The rooms are incredibly basic basic basic – no beach views, no stylish interiors, and noise seems to travel easy from other rooms. But this last point can be a bonus because you could jerk off happily to the moans and slaps from next door, and you could even leave your door open while you do it if you wanted.

For one thing, the service at this place is amazing and gay family like. Housekeeping will be more than happy to see you naked and there is another fantastic thing about the rooms at Aquarius… They have the best stocked minibars in the entire universe – condoms, lube, cigarettes, a lighter, opener, decent sized bottles of booze, mixers, chocolate and chips!

Going to Phuket? We recommend embracing it for two days, perhaps before or after a couple of nights on nearby Koh Pipi. The room rates are medium, but you may get a better rate by booking directly instead of through a booking site like we did. You will have a fun and absolutely memorable experience at Aquarius.

6 thoughts on “The surreal gay hotel with a nudey rooftop in Phuket

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