In conservative Asia there aren’t many chances where you can walk around with your dick on display. But there is one kind of establishment in Bangkok that is becoming a lot less modest. In Bangkok, not only are there many gay saunas, but you can find one with a naked night and hundreds of men inside almost any day of the week! These are our recommendations on Bangkok’s sauna nudeyness.


Strip down and flaunt your manhood on a Monday at the spacious R3 Sauna close to Rama 9 MRT Station. Even though it’s just the start of the week you will find a decent and relatively late crowd here. One of the attractions is R3’s 24 hour opening times which mean it gets busier later than other venues. So on a Monday, peak time could be 11pm (which is after Babylon has already closed) and there will still be a good number to play with at 1am too.


Get over to 39 Underground Sauna near Saphan Kwai BTS Station for your fix of Tuesday nakedness. 39 Underground closes at midnight, so get here as early as possible. Also in the same soi (alley) is a romantically gritty old-style cinema where guys play with their dicks instead of watching the continuously running movies. There are also a couple of all male massage businesses in the alley.


Wednesday is no-hump day since no sauna in Bangkok has a naked night going. So we suggest visiting one of the other popular saunas, particularly Babylon or Chakran. In response to the rising popularity of sauna nakedness, both Babylon and Chakran have started offering naked zones at scheduled times. Babylon’s rather small downstairs naked area is enforced from 7pm each night (Chakran’s TBC). The blessing of these two establishments, as well as Sauna Mania, is that they provide full size towels. Unfortunately, the towels at both R3 and 39 are basically sweat towels, so when it’s not naked night, it’s definitely underwear night.

Strictly for the naturalists, and not if you’re feeling horny, you may also enjoy getting your kit off at Yunomori Onsen & Spa way down Sukhumvit Soi 26. This wonderfully relaxing establishment offers a modern and authentic Japanese onsen experience. Here you can enjoy a nude hot spring with other men. But this is NOT a gay venue and any display of sexual behaviour is not only regarded as offensive to the Onsen tradition, it is also not tolerated. We mention it here because it is a truly incredible nude experience with other men, and sometimes you just don’t need sex with your nudeyness.


R3 Sauna gets naked every single Thursday. This place is modern, not like Babylon but just clean and tidy, and huge. It also has a comfortable bar area where several zones join together so men are always walking by. And they have also recently opened something of a karaoke bar. If you need a gym, they have everything you need here too. Meanwhile at Sauna Mania, they will give you a big towel, which as mentioned earlier means that the underwear is off. Mania also advertises a special naked zone on Thursdays.


The weekend has begun and you get a choice of nakedness. You can either visit the centrally located Sauna Mania, the older brother of R3 which is also open 24 hours making it a good after club option; or you can head back to 39 Underground which is not only all naked, but also advertises an orgy party on Fridays from 8 to 9pm.


There are currently no advertised naked nights on Saturday. We think this is boring but presumably because they get better numbers for what is traditionally the biggest night of the week by keeping things covered up.

So our recommendation for Saturday is R3 Sauna because they have a very popular Big-O Party, O for orgy, most Saturday nights. That means even though it is generally an underwear night, you get a dose of hardcore nudity. Big O-Parties are hosted with 30 minutes of fucking followed by 30 minutes of masturbation and bukkake. After the orgy, there is nothing stopping you from being nude in the rest of the venue, it’s just that most others will be in their undies.


Finish your weekend at 39 Underground with all day nakedness from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Sunday is an underwear night at R3 but they put on a strictly enforced nude zone that covers a pretty large area.

Is the rise of Sauna nakedness a sign that Thais are becoming less modest? We’re not sure because we still see Thai young people bathe in the sea fully clothed. Whatever it is behind it, we promise that you will never be disappointed with any of the above options.

Share any experiences, feedback, or additional suggestions in the comment section.

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