There are some little subtleties to consider when you jump on the gay dating apps in Thailand. Here are our top 6 gay hook-up apps in a kind of order but not really and with a few pointers which you will definitely find helpful.

1. Jack’d – This is probably the most popular app by numbers in Bangkok. Here you will discover all the local guys looking for trade as well as guys visiting from around Asia.

2. Grindr – Old faithful, Grindr remains extremely popular. This is where you’ll find the majority of foreign guys and Thai guys who like foreign guys. The grid always looks colorfully diverse when you’re in tourist areas or anywhere downtown.

4. Hornet – The prize for having the most local crowd goes to Hornet. By local we mean it’s the top app outside Bangkok and the tourist spots. This also means it has a certain flavour in those places too. So, if you like a kind of local flavour to your trade, then no matter where you are, try Hornet.

5. Scruff – Being Asia, there just isn’t as many bears as on other continents. However, Thailand does have a masculine bear scene (speaking of which Brother’s is a bearish bar in Silom worth checking out) and you will find it on Scruff. If older, more relaxed, more muscular guys are your thing find them on Scruff where it’s about quality not quantity.

3. Tinder – You got to love the heteroflexible cross-over appeal of Tinder. It’s popularity among guys after guys is on the rise. You will find plenty to choose from here in Thailand.

6. Blued – Blued is China’s answer to Grindr and they have been promoting the hell out of it in Thailand. If you love Chinese guys, we reckon you got to try it.

That’s it for our top gay mobile apps suggestions. There are other offerings which are known better for their websites than their mobile apps which remain popular. We’ll profile them in a future post.

Do you have some more tips about gay apps in Thailand? Please share with us in the comments section.

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