Compared to other cities in Asia, there are some great bars and clubs in Bangkok which cater to the gay market. However, the main “afterhours” club, G.O.D., currently closes around 3 am, so a common question from gay travellers is, where can I go next? (Note that G.O.D. remained closed following the passing of King Bhumibol but is scheduled to reopen from 14 November onwards).

Your first option is the most obvious. When the lights come on, grab your trade and go home to fuck the rest of the night away. If you’re not fast enough, the dating apps will come through with the goods. But it’s much more fun to fuck later and party first. Here are two popular options in G.O.D.’s neighbourhood. Neither are gay, but both benefit from a vibrant mixed crowd – gay/straight, local/foreign.

1. Wong’s Place

Wong’s is a tiny late late night bar in a nondescript location that plays old music, oozes atmosphere and is a wonderful place to huddle into and chat into the small hours. There is no cover charge but you must always have a drink. Wong himself will get on the mic to make sure everyone has a drink, so be warned. For more details check-out’s review.  But if you really want to keep the party going, try Swing.

2. Spicy and/or Swing

Somewhere behind MBK – we don’t know where but the taxi drivers know – Spicy is much like a couple of other afterhours clubs (e.g. Shock 39) which feel like they use to be gogo bars because of the tall stage in the centre which everyone dances on. On a normal night, Spicy is closed by the time G.O.D. turns the lights on. But that’s ok, because everyone just moves across the road to it’s sister venue, Swing. To get to Swing, you need to walk through a restaurant (pictured above) and take an elevator upstairs where you will find yourself in a neon lit room of pool tables which connects to a very dark room with a bar, a great sound system, a good DJ and loads of people. Here you can truly party on until after the sun comes up. The atmosphere may be vaguely frightening and you will see as many money girls as there are gay boys. But provided you remembered our earlier story with 5 tips to a good night out in Bangkok, you will have a great time!

There are many other late late venues but Wong’s and particularly Swing are popular for gay partiers because of their proximity to Silom. Keep in mind that venue closing times have been in disarray since the military started getting involved in police affairs. The current trend is a gradual expansion of opening hours, but on any given night things could be different.

Have a wicked night!

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