The phrase One night in Bangkok is a cliché, we know. But, a gay traveller can truly have a night like nothing they have experienced before in the City of Angels. It’s the stuff movies are made of… So, here are BANG JACK’S top 5 tips for enjoying a big night out.

1. Have a cashed-up local sim

An easy phone call may often get you out of a bit of bother. We are forever calling a destination and asking them to give directions to a taxi driver. Have a local sim card with cash on it for calls and make sure your phone is charged before you go out. It’s tempting to not take a phone out with you, but really there is a greater chance of you wanting to make a call than of someone stealing your phone. Make sure you bring an unlocked phone to Thailand and pick up a sim card and tourist package from the airport when you arrive.

2. Money matters, have enough baht

Once you get down to the roll and grit of a great night in Bangkok, the only thing you will need a credit card for is to get a cash advance (which is a good reason to bring it with you). The main point being, carry enough money but not so much that you will cry if you lose it all. I think between THB 5000 and 10000 is ample depending on your tolerance and spending habits. Make sure you have a wad of 100 baht denominations too because taxis seldom have change and some door staff like you to forget your change. The following is not necessary, but if you want to be treated adoringly by service staff or be appreciated by performers at late night venues, a proactive and upfront 100 baht tip will do the trick.

3. If something seems odd, fix the situation

It’s difficult to know what’s off when in a new city and we stress that on the whole you have little cause to doubt the integrity of the people you meet on a night out in Bangkok. However, stories of fake drugs, money stolen by a hook-up, phones lost in the club, and taxis outside clubs which are magnetically attracted to police checkpoints are all recurring complaints worth keeping in mind.

4. Stock up on condoms and lube

A popular suburban sauna visited recently, we kid you not, had no condoms at all, let alone lube. Apparently, the condoms were scrubbed away due to the threat of a Police raid. The only option was to get dressed and get along to the closest 7-11 to buy some! In general, sex-on-site venues do not provide the same ease of access to condoms and lube as you may be use to back home. So have a supply of both at your disposal.

5. Pop by your friendly street pharmacy

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If you’re looking for something to maintain an erection, you can find it for sale from a vendor on the footpath in the Nana to Asoke strip of Sukhumvit Road, or Silom in the vicinity of the Patpong Night Market, between 7pm and 12am Tuesday – Sunday. They often also sell sleeping aides like Valium or Xanax. Even some independent pharmacies in the Silom area and elsewhere are willing to sell tourists these items.

Reference for more general tips:

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