We have an invite only secret Facebook Group for members who would like to meet others and discuss anything related to JACKBANGKOK and group sex in Bangkok.

This online discussion and networking group is for people who have already joined an event, such as a circle jerk or a sex party, or who plan to join an event in the near future. Once invited, you can safely share your group sex ideas and experiences.

If you’re wondering why Facebook, we think a secret group on Facebook strikes a healthy balance between anonymity and the desire to meet others who are into group fun just like you. The group is invitation only and is not searchable or in any way visible to other Facebook users. If we add you to the group, your friends will have no way of knowing that the group exists or that you’re a member.

How can I join?

The first step is to join JACKBANGKOK by subscribing to our emails. Then, information about joining the Facebook group will be included in regular email updates from us. Or if you don’t want to wait for the next email, send us a message.

If you have any questions about the Facebook group, feel free to ask in the comments section on this page also.

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